His Promises are Good

“Cultivate confidence. Dig down into the fallow ground of your heart and mind to break up the clogs of past disappointment. Take My promises like precious seed and plant them in your innermost being. I will cause you to have the seed / fruit / harvest of My promise as though in a day. I will bring the 100-fold return of seed / fruit / harvest into your life when all others are faltering and failing. I have not called you to a place of blistering failure or downturn. I have commissioned you and ordained that you go out and boldly receive all that the cross affords you. I say to you this day that you are a receiver and a beneficiary of My promises, for this is the purpose I came into the world – to raise you up as My beloved child and to demonstrate My goodness and My character in your life.”

*Father’s Heart Ministry

We are a receiver of His Promises. Believe in who He says you are and what He says He has prepared for you. God is Good!

Have a blessed Saturday! ❤




Good Friday

On this Good Friday, remember what He did for you, for me, for everyone. But Praise God, He has Risen! Be a blessing to someone today, everyday! ❤


The Blood of Our Saviour

This picture really touched me. Shows us how real the blood of Jesus cleanses us.

Just take it in a minute and be reminded that because of His death we are washed clean. That’s a sweet thought!! Thank you Jesus for dieing for me, for us! For the blood that was shed to make us clean!


Happy Easter and remember what this time is really about! Love your family and friends! Love strangers! Be blessed!


When God says No!!

How many times have we prayed or asked God for something, and His answer is NO?

I’m raising my hand saying, a lot of times. I’ll be the first to admit there were many times I’ve prayed about something or someone and literally heard Him say No. That’s hard! But, what I’ve learned is when those “No’s” happen, they were the best no’s I had to hear! We can’t always understand why, but we have to believe that He knows better, what or who, we need more than we ever will.

It’s where Faith comes in. Where we have to know that He’s only protecting us from us.

I know for me, patience is hard. So, I see where God puts me in situations to show me how to be more patient. Also, more understanding. We wonder why bad things happen to good people? I wish I had that answer but I don’t. I know that all the things that have happened to me have taught me lessons. Each thing has taught me something very important and I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for the heartaches and the hard times. It’s shown me how each step has given me more and more strength. Given me a heart to trust God. Given me this amazing relationship I have with Him now.

I’m growing every single day. I have a lot to learn and a lot more growing to do but this life has been good, bad, crazy and full of love. I’m blessed to be where I am, and to have godly loving people in my life. All-in-all, my life is totally blessed. God has done a lot of healing in me and prepared me for the next phase of my life. He’s taught me to know my value, my worth and to never let anyone tell me any different. I live in the full truth of who God says I am and who He’s created me to be and that my friends, is pretty amazing! ❤


Life Giving Words

Speak words of affirmation to people. Tell them they look nice, tell them they are doing a great job in life, tell them that you care about them, be kind. I think if we spent more time speaking good into people’s lives instead of always trying to tear them down, we could possibly see a shift of goodness in this world.

I’ve learned recently that speaking life into people can do so much to someone. You may not even know that they may be having a bad day, then one sweet kind word, can change their whole day or mood. I’m grateful to have people in my life that speak life into me. That pray for Me! That is one of the most powerful things we can do for someone, pray for them. Even if they don’t even know you are doing it. God knows!!!

Thank you Lord for putting people in my life that love me and pray for me. For those people you ask me to pray for. For speaking life into me before I was even a thought by my parents. For blessing me with good people in my life. For a heart that seeks you and longs to be close to you. For my beautiful friends and family and for this man that has stole my heart. You are a good God!!! A gracious God and a loving father! ❤



Grace is Grace is Grace….❤

“To build His Kingdom, Jesus handpicks what could be compared to the leader of the Black Panther party and the grand wizard of the KKK. I doubt anyone closed their eyes at that first prayer meeting.

You cannot sanitize grace. You can’t stuff it into a blue blazer and make it wear khakis. Grace is messy, offensive and it sometimes misses church.

To expect God to pump prefabricated plastic moral people out of a religious factory is to neuter grace and chain it inside a gated community. If God’s scandalous relationship with the 12 thugs means anything, then we should expect a variegated spectrum of righteousness and be patient—or repentant—when such sanctification doesn’t meet out expectations. God meets us in our mess and pushes holiness out the other side.

Not anti-mixed-bathing holiness. But the real stuff. The holiness that serves the poor, prays without ceasing, redeems the arts, loves enemies, elevates community above corporate success, and preaches the life-giving Gospel of a crucified and risen Lamb in season and out.”

(Preston Sprinkle)

I follow this site “Waiting for your Boaz” on Facebook and saw this excerpt from a book by this guy, Preston Sprinkle. I love how he talks about what people’s perceptions are of Christians.

I know, as a Christian, we fail God daily. We’re not perfect and if you claim to be then you have it all wrong. It is only by God’s grace and mercy that I’m even able to write this. It has nothing to do with me but more to do with who He says I am and who He says you are. Live in the full truth that what God wants from you is your heart and to love people, to give of yourself, to be kind, to not judge, to forgive each other, to be who He’s called you to be and to be humble. That’s what I believe we’re called as Christians to do. Love each other!!!

Go out in this world and just love people. We need more love and kindness in this world today! Be love!!! ❤


Little Things are Big Things

“Don’t wake up dreading the day ahead of you. When we think that good things will happen, then we see how blessed we are in the tiny miracles around us. And Good things don’t have to be huge! Good things come in hugs from our children, reading scripture, talking to a friend, saying I love you to someone close to us and eating a healthy meal.”

❤~Little Things Are Big Things~❤

(Daily Devotions by Jen)


Rejoice today and be glad for every beautiful day your feet hit the floor. So much sadness and chaos in this world and I believe if our first thoughts are goodness and gladness then the rest of our day will be amazing. Start each day with time alone with God. I’ve honestly found, for me, that that first part of the early, crisp morning is when I get my mind clear and focus on quiet time with Him. It tends to make the day so much easier and better.

Thank you Father for the amazing way you help to keep us focused through the day, when we start it with you. For your willingness to bring us peace and joy when you know the exact moment we need it the most. You are all things that reflect the peace we need to get going everyday. Thank you for those quiet moments we share every morning. You bless me in so many ways. I stand in the joy you give me every day! Thank you for loving every part of me, even the parts that I don’t really like myself, you love those parts even more!! ❤

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24 KJV)


We are a New Creation in Christ

“For years, I believed I was stuck in the same cycle of dysfunction because of how I was raised to deal with my emotions. But because of the “new person” I am in Christ, and the wisdom He provides when I call upon Him, I can have a new opening act — one in which I respond maturely, rather than react emotionally when circumstances start to overwhelm me.

There’s no easier way to be drama-free than to be free of me. Free of myself and filled up with the Person of Christ. It is then that I realize the Greater Story is the One in which He becomes more and I become less.”

(Proverbs 31)


When you release the old “stinking thinking”, you can become the new person in Christ. Becoming the new you is so much better than the old self. I know this for a fact!!! Drama-free, is the way I choose to live my life.

I lived so much of my life in that “old self”, that it was literally a horrible time. I felt defeated at every turn. Felt that my happiness would never happen. I always trusted God but never put my faith and trust IN Him. Becoming the new, which is still a work in progress, is so much more satisfying. I’m a flawed individual, but I know where my heart lies and I know that my truth and trust have to lie in Him. I can’t function without it, I don’t ever want too again.

I’m not perfect, never will be, I mess up daily, but I know regardless of who I think I am, I’m grateful that I now believe in who He says I am!!!! What a peaceful place to finally live in, knowing my value and worth is so much greater in Him. Praise God!!! ❤



Life’s Painful Moments & How they Shape You

We’ve all suffered by the hands of someone else, even Jesus, for us!! The suffering He did though, was to bring us to Him! The suffering and pain we go through are at most times because of our own choices.

Sometimes that pain and heartache has to be felt to catapult us to where we need to be. To get us to a better place. I know for me personally, the stuff I went through caused me to turn to Him. My relationship has gotten stronger and I can see how much my life has changed for the good.

God is first for me and always will be! Without Him my life has no meaning and makes no sense. I’ve tried to do a lot of life on my own, never seemed to work out. Now that I’m at a place in my life that I choose to just give it to Him, I seem to be happier. Of course, things don’t always work out like we plan, but I think God always has a greater purpose for our pain. It may not seem like it at the moment but He’ll always reveal the bigger plan later.

Let God’s plan for your life play out. Let Him orchestrate each moment by His hands. I can tell you for sure, that if you choose to release those things that have grappled your life, you’ll be grateful in the long run. “We can do all things through Him”. ❤