His True Beauty

Remember that YOUR beauty is crafted by His hands. The inside and the outside. Never feel like you have to compare yourself to anyone else. He created you to be exactly the way you are.

If there are things you want to change, then do so because it’s what you want, not what someone else is asking from you. Find who you are and shine! Let His light shine through you. Use the beautiful gifts He blessed you with to love others, to help others, to minister to others and to pray for others. Always be good to yourself!

Never settle for less than what you deserve. It took me many years to realize my true worth. To believe I’m Enough and to never let anyone tell me any different or treat me any different. It will change the kind of life you want for yourself.

He loves us unconditionally and with an ever lasting love. You are so very important to Him. Treat yourself good and always be kind to yourself. ❤



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