A New Woman

Oh how beautiful it is to know I’m no longer bound by my past. No longer bound up from the past mistakes of my life. That’s such a glorious thought!

I lived so much of my life never feeling good enough or worthy enough of a good life. Mostly because I’ve made so many mistakes in my past.

But, I am so thankful that God gave me the courage to step out on faith and believe what He’s known my whole life, that I’m His and He doesn’t create unworthy people. He created us with a given purpose. We have a future in Him. We have life in Him. We are free to never let the past define us or our future. Live free. Live a life where your not bound up by the restraints of who you used to be. Only God can break those chains and set you free. I’m grateful my chains are broken and my life has meaning and value. Thank you Father for breaking me free!!! ❤



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