Relationships in my age

“The problem with dating today is, everyone’s mentality. The minute we started putting sex before love, we started setting ourselves back. The minute we started putting Netflix and Chill before “Courting”, we started going in the wrong direction. Women are afraid of men only entertaining them for their bodies, and men are afraid of women emotionally using them to repair themselves because of the damage the last few men did. We need to get back to a place where we start putting real face to face conversations before text messages. We need to stop hiding behind our poker faces and have a little more faith in being transparent with our emotions and what we desire out of the next person. We need to break this unhealthy habit of thinking that we can’t trust letting people get to know us and vice versa. Let’s hold hands and take a walk and talk instead of always texting all the time. Let’s talk about the storms we have been through and pray that the person we are opening up to is someone strong enough to go through the weather with us. Let’s get back to trying to truly understand each other.”

(**Courtesy of – IG@woodtheinspiration)

Well that about sums it all up in a nutshell. What happened to the good ol’ days of courting, holding hands, taking sex completely off the table and just enjoying each others company? I think sometimes I should have been born in a different era. I wasn’t always like this but I think in my older age what I want is very rare these days. The kind of man I pray that God will bring into my life, when the time is right. The kind of man that respects that I want to wait to have sex till marriage, the kind of man that values me for more than my body but also looks at my spirit and my soul. The kind of man that thanks God for me everyday. I thought I had that and it was a big fat lie. I will never over look the red flags again. As soon as those suckers start waving, I’m outta there.

I used to not always be like this. I used to just settle for whatever looked good on paper but now I want to see the whole package. If they have children, how they treat their children. How they respect their parents. How they love people and how they treat a total stranger. That their soul speaks volumes to who they truly are. Of course, we all want a physical attraction, but I want to know who they are on the inside. Not who they “claim” to be but who they really are. How they open my door, how they put their hand right on the lower part of my back as to lead me, how they respect my values, how they want their lives to be and how they treat people. You can always tell who a person is by the way they treat people. Being consistent in a relationship is also very important. To know that you can count on each other. That there is honesty, trust and communication.

I pray for a godly man. The kind of man that will put his relationship with God first and will lead our relationship by that example. I think it’s so easy now to just settle rather than be alone. I can’t do that. I would rather be single and be happy then be in something that was not of God. My past relationships have been such a wreck because mainly who I was. The pains and hurt that I brought into them. The desire to be with someone so much that I over looked who they were. I will never do that again. I know God has the right man out there for me, somewhere and until He chooses to bring him into my life I have no desire to settle.

I know that it seems kind of far fetched that a man will be willing to wait for the intimate part of the relationship till marriage, but in all honesty I think it’s how it should be. It’s the way God intended it to be. To put Him first and at the center of it so that He can nurture it and build it. I like that idea. I think if it’s the right man he will respect and admire that about a woman. If he isn’t then he’s not for me and he’s not for you. We put so much of our self worth in people and I am understanding that God is showing me how wrong that is. To put my everything into Him and let Him be my match maker. I would prefer it that way anyway because then it takes all the pressure off of me.

I feel for sure that the right man will honor me and protect my heart with everything he has. I will know him when I see him. Like our souls and spirits will just click. But, don’t be deceived cause the enemy can bring a person all wrapped up in pretty paper and bows. I know, it happened to me and a really good girlfriend of mine. Spoke all the right words, played into our spiritual side, layed the foundation of how wonderful they were and then bam, the first sign of a difference, they were gone. When the mask of who they said they were started slipping then things got ugly. I want to know that he will be there in the tough times and the good times. That the foundation we are building on is of God.

Does that sound like I’m looking for my Prince charming to come riding up in all perfection? No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. He will not be perfect, I don’t want perfection. I want something real and that has meaning. I’m no where near perfect but I know my heart is good and I’m building on my own foundation with God and I want him to be at that same place in his own life.

I just wished we could start looking at each other with value and worth. Looking at each other the way God sees us, how He created us. We are so fixated on jumping into something that’s quick and easy, instead of building something. Starting off slow, getting to know each other, likes and dislikes, what our pasts were like, things that hurt us and shaped us. I am waiting for what I know I deserve. Waiting for someone who can appreciate that I want to be a godly wife to them. That they can see me and know I would always have their back. That I would love them, respect them, honor them and be the kind of woman they would never have to doubt. Never have to wonder what I’m thinking or where my mind is. That we had an open line of communication. Not like we can’t talk or have to be scared to express how we may be feeling. I don’t want to have to walk on eggshells around them and I never want them to feel like they can’t talk to me about any and everything. I know it sounds like a fairy tale but I know it’s out there. I’ve seen it with couples I know. I believe he’s out there.

And until God makes a way for Him to find me or vice versa, I’ll wait…..I won’t settle and I won’t stop living my beautiful life God has given me. I’ll just wait for him. I’ll pray everyday for him. I’ll ask God to prepare him for me. Prepare me for him. And when that day comes, I’ll praise God for this beautiful creature He has blessed me with, every single day!! ❤💑




How to get through a day….

“Watch where the light shines now. Watch Me. Follow Me. Lift your head and stay focused on what I have. It is difficult to stay focused, so easy to get distracted, so easy to forget you are the one I love. I can help.

My daughter, it is a fight to stay close to Me. It is a choice you make each moment. Pay attention to the rhythm of your days, the way you wake—what you do when you first get up, what your first thoughts are, how you approach what is for you to do. Right when you wake, try turning over the plan for your day to Me, first. Before you attempt to accomplish one thing, ask Me what I think of your plan. Can you imagine wiping your list clean, the details scrawled out, and then rewriting it, in my hand, my fingerprints upon the page? Are you willing?”

(Courtesy of Loop Devotional for Women)

It is so easy to get distracted, to forget who gave you this very day. I do it, we all do it! I want my first thought every morning to be directed towards the One who created me. I want my day to be given to Him. To guide me, to place my feet on the path of whatever will glorify Him. I want to give it all to Him.

Every morning when I wake up my quiet time is about Him. But then the day starts, life happens, work begins and I get distracted from Him. I think it’s just part of life. To get pulled away from the One who gave us that very day. He gave us that day so we could move through it and still keep our focus on Him. I know it’s a hard thing to do. I’ll be the first to admit that I get frustrated, customers upset me, people say things that hit you the wrong way, life just happens. So how do we keep our focused on Jesus? Good question…I wish I had the answer. The only thing I can do is try to just be a light to the people around me.

God doesn’t call us to be perfect. He calls us to give our life to Him. Every part of it, from the beginning when we wake up to the end when we go to sleep. I don’t think that is asking to much but we all know it’s hard to do.

When we wake up decide that very moment before your feet even hit the floor that today will be given to Him. Go out and love people, show them who Jesus is. When the day seems tough or things aren’t going as planned remember who’s child you are. Remember that because of His grace and love you have been given this day!

We live in a fast paced world. A world that is filled with wrong turns, people who aren’t nice, but as long as we remain to stay focused on Him, we are one step ahead. God only calls us to love and serve. I want to be the kind of person that when I lay my head down at night I can look through the pages of my day and be proud that I let God be apart of every page. Thank you Lord for granting me with the power of your spirit to move through each day and put you at the center of it. I want you to be the center of every part of my life. Be with each of us as we go into this crazy world and try to walk in your way. Thank you God for allowing me another day to serve you and I pray you use me to do your will. ❤



Wrestling with God

It was early Saturday morning and God decided to wake me up around midnight. I think I had been asleep just a few hours but I guess He was ready to talk. I got on my phone and saw something that really just hurt me to my core, that kind of hurt that makes you feel sick. I wasn’t sure exactly how to handle it and was struggling with these emotions that I thought were dead and buried. Obviously not! I started to pray and just play this push and pull game with God, you know that one we’ve all played at some point in our lives. If you haven’t, put your big boy/girl panties on because it will happen one day! Be ready because He will always win.

So, as this game of tug-of-war was going on, I felt this overwhelming feeling that God told me to “take my power back”. I knew exactly what He was telling me. And, I did just that,  I took it back. I did something that was hard for me. It felt really good! It felt liberating in a way. Like that one little string that I was barely dangling on, I cut!

After that happened I spent the next couple of hours tossing and turning, praying, fighting and finally falling back asleep. This went on for 4 hours. I woke up a few hours after falling back to sleep to get my day going. When I woke up I felt strong, I felt like that one little tiny string that was holding me down was gone. I can’t explain but to just say God did a number on me in those 4 hours that gave me back my life. I know there is still a lot He has to do. There is still healing that needs to be done but let me tell you what, I know that God will bring me through it stronger than ever.

He has this way of being at that exact place at that exact time. Of course, He is God! So, as I started my quiet time and devotional He spoke something else to me about this situation and it was pretty good. That’s all I can say about it, it was some good stuff. I started off my “me” day feeling stronger and better than I had in a while. Sleepy but strong! As I was driving to my hair appointment this song came on that a friend had sent me earlier in the week, on the day I really needed it. That’s another thing, I love how God uses people at the exact moment you need them. He always leaves me amazed. But, He is God! Anyway, it was Natalie Grant’s “King of the World”(so if you’ve never heard it, listen to it.) This verse “I try to take life back right out of the hands of the King of the World”, wow, how many times have we done that?

I cranked it up and listened with a new heart this morning. He is the King of the World. Why do we even think He won’t handle our hurts or our struggles? He will, He does. I just can’t say enough that my life would be in total shambles if it wasn’t for Him. He is creating a sacred place in my life that is reserved just for Him. He is calling me into a new place. I love Him so much that my heart aches. Tears flowing as I write that. My home is not here, my home is with Him. The day I get to bask in His glory will be the most amazing day! He’s worth every praise that rolls off my tongue and every piece of my heart.

Thank you Jesus for holding me tight this morning. For speaking to me even though it was hard to hear. For answering that one particular prayer that helped me cut that string. For loving me and soothing my aching heart. For knowing when I have to lean on you. I’m grateful for the things He’s doing in my heart. For lifting my head off that pillow and making me do a hard thing. For comforting me when it was done.

God has this amazing way of mending a cracked soul. For giving us the strength when we don’t think we have any strength at all. Thank you God for drying those tears from my face. For putting the right people in my life to help me. You are the Father of my heart and soul. I’ll never be able to express with words how much I love you but I’m grateful you know without me saying a word!

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

I’m becoming a new creation and I’m happy about that! ❤


Stay Strong

Stay strong when there are days you feel like you have failed at everything.

Stay strong when life slaps you in the face with reality.

Stay strong when others say things about you that aren’t true

Stay strong when the one you love rejects you.

Stay strong when you feel like God is missing (because He isn’t)

Stay strong even after you have been disappointed by someone.

Stay strong because your story isn’t over yet.

Stay strong even when the tears are flowing.

It’s tough to stay strong during the hard times. When God is obviously trying to break you down so He can build you back up. I know, because He is doing that in me right now. There are times I want to just hide and not come out of my house for days. There are times I wake up in the middle of the night and cry. There are times I wake up and think how amazing this life is and what an amazing God I serve. There are times I want to just tell someone off because they hurt me. (I have a lot of those times…lol) There are days I feel so close to God, that I could just reach out and touch Him. There are days that I feel brave and strong and then there are days I feel so weak that I can’t even take a step forward. There are days I wonder how I am still smiling.

I think we can all relate to all of these things. The one thing that I can honestly say is that without God I can’t even try to get through most days. He helps me see the best in myself. He is the one I depend on when life just gets tough! He tells me to rely totally on Him and he will provide. This is a fact that I surely know! He has always took the deepest part of my heart and filled it with His grace and love. He knows that I fail Him daily and He loves me anyway!

Trust Him in everything that you do. Trust that He is NEVER going to let you down. Trust that He will always provide. Trust that no matter where you are in life, He can meet you right where you are. I am in such a good place right now. I am thankful that He is constantly showing me that without my total dependence on Him, I can do nothing!!! It’s a good place to be! It’s a resting place in His arms and that is right where I want to be! I pray for you all to experience what that feels like. To experience the fullness of His love, grace and mercy everyday! To know that no matter how many times you fall, He will always be there to pick you up. He will always, gently, show His compassion towards you! I live in AWE of who He truly is and who He says I am! My love for Him is what keeps me going day after day after day! I never want to waste another day on anything that does not glorify Him. No fears, no insecurity, no distrust, no worrying and no anxiety. He gives me hope that no matter what I may face each day, He will be there with me! He will be there with you! ❤

Psalm 18:35 “You make your saving help my shield, and your right hand sustains me; your help has made me great.”



Not-so-ordinary day

“Here—here I am, with you. The intake of your breath, the shape of your skin, the ideas taking place in your mind, the beat of your heart. You are a wonder, a beauty, and this day, with all I’ve made, can never be an ordinary day.

Let Me give you new eyes to see so you don’t miss the possibilities around you that I see. Let Me give you new eyes to see so you don’t get discouraged and mistake wonder for ordinary. Let me show you how what you think is mundane may be an opportunity to be with Me in a new way.

I am always new and always the same. You can always count on Me. But I never stop wanting you to see the hidden wonder in this not-so-ordinary day.

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” (Isaiah 43:19).

(courtesy of Loop Devotional for Women)

No day with God in your life can be just an ordinary day! He is constantly changing me, minute by minute. Transforming His daughter into a new creation. Sometimes it’s in the small things and then sometimes it’s in a big thing. For instance, this morning during my quiet time with God I could just feel Him in my room. I went into my prayer time just glorifying Him. Loving on Him. I love that feeling of total submission with Him. Knowing He heard every praise, every word and could tell my heart was focused on Him and Him alone. Ahhh, I love that feeling. I can always count on Him to fill every void and repair every crack in my heart. He is such a big, loving God!

No day with God will ever be just another ordinary day! For He is good!!!! ❤


Thankful, Grateful & Blessed

Thankful, Grateful & Blessed:

I am most thankful for my family. I am thankful for a mother who never abandoned my sister & I when she was left to raise us as a single mother. I’m thankful for the handful of honest and true friends I have had for a very long time. The ones who know me inside and out and still love me. I’m thankful for being raised by 3 very strong southern women, who taught me respect. (But also taught me how to make sweet tea!) I’m thankful to have grown up in a place I still call home to this very day. I’m thankful for a heart that understands what it is like to truly love people. I don’t always get it right but I try! I’m thankful for a great job and to work for amazing people. I’m thankful for a beautiful home that is all mine. It is furnished with love and kindness and the door is always open to those who may need a place to lay their head. It’s not much, but it is HOME! I’m thankful for the summer! For anytime I get to sit on the beach. It is my happy place. It is the place that I can always exhale and feel closest to God. I can’t explain that, than to just say I find Him right there, where the water ends and the sand begins. I’m thankful for knowing what it is like to really love someone so much I would lay my life down for them. I’m thankful that God saw fit to save me so many times when I should not be here.

I’m grateful for this beautiful life God has given me. I’m grateful I can get up every day and be able to work. I’m grateful for the relationship I am nurturing with my God. I’m grateful for the smell of fresh grass being cut on a beautiful summer day. I’m grateful for the smell of a sweet baby just out of a bath. I’m grateful for the way God gently corrects me. I’m grateful for the men and women who fight for this country and for those who have fought in the past. I’m grateful for living in a free country and to have the rights that we have that a lot take for granted. I’m grateful for my dog….yes, my dog. She has been with me for 4 years and has been the best little fur friend anyone could ask for. I’m grateful that I can freely pray and praise God whenever I want.

I’m blessed in so many ways that I can’t even begin to list them. My life is blessed way beyond what I could ever deserve or imagine. I’m blessed to be able to walk or run, when so many of us take that little task for granted. I’m blessed that no matter what happens tomorrow, I know who holds it! I’m blessed to be an aunt because I couldn’t be a mother. I’m blessed that no matter what trials may lie ahead of me, I know that God will bring me through it stronger than ever. I’m blessed to have loved one of the best men in this world before God took him to heaven. I’m glad that one day I’ll get to see his bright smile again.

This life can definitely take a toll on us but our God always holds the answers. He will lift you up when your down and He will carry you through the storm. He is my rock! He is my teacher! He is my provider and my healer! This life is so amazing and I’m looking forward to many more years of being thankful, grateful and blessed by Him! ❤



Your wedding

“My daughter, my delight, you don’t need to compare yourself to one single person. There is a wedding coming, a wedding where you are dressed completely, by my love. You are surrounded by my love. You walk deeper in my love. You are the bride I have chosen. You are the one chosen to marry the Groom who has come and broken His body for you, broken his heart for you, broken His complete self. This is so you may be ushered into the kingdom where celebration—singing and rejoicing—over the wedding of you, the bride, and my Son, the groom, await.

Can you see Him waiting for you? Can you see Him loving you so much that He died for you?

You, my daughter, are complete, in Me. You, my daughter, are the one who doesn’t need to look different and act different or have more or less to be chosen, by Me. You are the one I have chosen. You are the one I want. I can’t take my eyes off of you, my dearest.

So, you ask Me, how do I protect your heart? How do you live in this world, one of comparison and envy and slander and thievery? How do you protect yourself from comparison when that is the culture in which you live and the wedding is around the corner but not yet a date you can perceive? How do you await my coming again, my Son’s rescuing you again, in a world of tearing each other down and pain?

Oh, my dear, look to Me. The only way to protect yourself is to regularly look into my eyes, see Me looking at you, see Me desiring you, see Me writing your name upon my heart and feeling sorrow when you believe you are not good enough to be desired as much as her, or her, or him.

Look to Me, look to the choice of my Son, as He kept His gaze on me. He practiced looking on Me, listening for Me, being away with Me. He removed himself from the world while remaining in it, too. It is possible for you, to remain close to Me and observe this world and be my daughter who desires to join Me in loving this world, while not being eaten up by the evil of it, too.

Practice coming away with Me. Practice looking for Me. Practice recognizing my voice. Practice looking at this world through my eyes and seeing yourself the way I see you, with a name, and a purpose and a mission and a beauty all your own. There is no one person, not one daughter of mine, like you. Come closer now. My arms are wide open.”

“And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband” (Revelation 21:2).

(*Courtesy of Loop Devotional for Women)

I just love this devotional. I want to practice seeing myself the way God sees me. I think we should all take up this practice. He sees us in our complete perfection just as he saw His Son, Jesus! Of course, it’s hard to do sometimes. To look at yourself the way He sees you. We focus more on our flaws and imperfections. He doesn’t see any flaws in you, He only sees His perfect, loving creation! That, is a powerful perspective! His love is so big. Even when we don’t love ourselves, He carries enough love for you and Him. We are His bride. Be good to yourself! Love who you are! ❤



The single woman…Mandy Hale!

What can I say, this woman speaks to me in her books. She has been there, done it and actually wrote several books about it. She is my hero! She has loved and lost and hurt and been confused, she is me!

When I first ran across her name it was by accident. I think a friend posted something by her, I’m not sure but I instantly could identify with her. She’s messy, funny, loving, and most of all she understands this crazy life. She’s been hurt by her love. She gets pain and heart break. She’s all of us! I admire her in so many ways. She loves God but she has messed up life so many times, like all of us, but she still keeps going. You have to admire a woman like that!

She has honestly given me a lot to think about in my own life. Why have I allowed the men I’ve allowed in my life? Why am I so willing to love with all of my heart when I could barely get a sliver of theirs? Why do I choose the men I choose? So many questions I ask myself daily. But I’ve come to the realization that I’ve chosen these type of men because of my lack to see my own self worth. To see myself the way God sees me. To understand that growing up without a father figure can really do damage to a girl! We look for that love by giving ourselves to men in ways we should never do. We compromise who we are, who God called us to be, just to be loved. I’m guilty of it for sure.

God has brought me to a new place, a new time, a new understanding of who I am. Who I want to be. I have seen a glimpse of my future self and I’m proud of her. I’m proud that she wants to wait till marriage to be intimate with someone again. I’m glad I’m beginning to see that I’m worthy of that. If a man can’t respect and admire that then he’s not for me! We are so quick to give that very sacred thing to someone who will not value it, I know, I’ve done it!! God is preparing me for so many great things and one day for the man that will admire that about me.

I’m ever evolving, changing into what God has always wanted me to be! I thought that I was just not ready to date, that I was going to take a year off and learn about myself. I still am definitely doing that but I think I’m ready to date, I’m just not ready to date the same type of men I’ve dated before. I know what I want and I’m never compromising myself again to have that. I would rather be single and be happy then be with any man who doesn’t respect me or who I have chosen to be. I choose to be happy, with or without, the ever after….as Miss Mandy would say!

I love how she says “Love moves mountains, it doesn’t straddle fences”. Omg, how right she is. “The right guy will move mountains to be with us, not hide behind them”. I love this and she’s so right. Why do we get so concerned if he doesn’t call the next day? Who cares if he doesn’t, guess what, that’s his loss not yours. We get so twisted up inside about these men and come up with all kinds of reasoning as to why…..why they don’t call, was I too nice, was I not nice enough, did I say the wrong thing, did he not want to date me, was he only interested in sex…..???? We beat ourselves up so much. I don’t want to be that woman EVER again. If he chooses to walk away, then he was not the one. Why do we give so much power to this person? Why can’t we be the one to walk away because he wasn’t good enough for us. I firmly believe God will show us that in the very beginning. We just have to be willing to see the red flags.

I will be the first to admit, I have overlooked those red flags too many times and then wondered why I got hurt…..duh….red flags are just that, flags waving in our faces and they are red….Lol I’m looking forward to showing off the new woman who isn’t scared to be alone, who is comfortable in her own skin and is ok without a second or third date. Because if he doesn’t love God and doesn’t respect me then good riddance to him. You have no idea how that makes me feel. I feel like I have come such a long way in such a short amount of time.

I want women everywhere to understand that God has given you the ability to decide if he’s good enough for you. I’m not bashing men at all. I think men are beautiful and honestly they want the same kind of relationship we want. They want an honest, loving woman who respects them. We are all just looking for a life partner. One God has chosen for us! For all the single men and women out there, don’t be ok with just settling so you won’t be alone. We are worth so much more. Be kind to yourself and be aware of what kind of person you want in your life. Stop looking at so much what’s on the outside and begin to see what’s on the inside. Yes, we want to be physically attracted to that person but go deep into who they are. What kind of heart they have. Understand their spirit and their soul.

The last guy I dated was normally not the type of guy I would date, physically I mean, but who I thought he was on the inside is what I was looking for. Sometimes we fail and they aren’t exactly who they say they are, which is ok….you learned something and that’s all that counts. I learned a lot from my last relationship and if it wasn’t for him being so wrong for me, I probably wouldn’t be aware of this person I am now. Who God is showing me I am! I’m thankful to him for that, for hurting me in a way that brought me to this healing place I’m in now!

I just pray that we begin to look at each other in different ways. To understand that we’ve all been burned by someone. We all have flaws. None of us are perfect. But we all deserve to be loved in the way God intended it to be. We just have to find that one person who’s willing to love us enough to unpack our baggage and stay. I hope you all find that, if you haven’t already. If you already have that then I’m super happy for you. Keep it, nurture it and protect it. Fight for it and let God be the center of it. ❤

I pray that one day I’ll have that special someone in my life but if it doesn’t happen then it’s ok. My life will continue to move forward and I’ll continue to grow. I’m just happy that I’m in a good place and never willing to settle just because!! I look forward to the new me. She is loved by God and she has an amazing heart and any guy would be lucky to win her heart!!!! ❤





This woman….is Us!

We have fought many battles as women. If your anything like me, you’ve been broken, tired, confused, insecure, felt unloved, felt unworthy, rejected and betrayed. But, today we have to decide that no matter what or who has caused us to believe this lie, we won’t live this life anymore. We will choose to live our lives in freedom that God has never seen us this way!

I’ve been this woman for most of my life. Most of it I’ve believed because of what the enemy has told me. God created you to be loved and cherished. Choose to love and cherish yourself! You are beautiful and you need to believe that! You are worthy! You are fabulous! I pray you believe that about yourself!

Go out today and conquer this beautiful world knowing God has created you to live in peace and joy! I believe in you! He believes in you! ❤



Today, embrace who you are!

Love who you are!

Believe in yourself!

Be kind to yourself!

Though we go through turbulent times and we struggle with who we are on the inside, never stop fighting to be a better you! I’m growing, changing, loving the woman God is sculpting me into and I’m forever grateful for the mistakes, because without those I would not be where I am now! I would not be learning to lean more on Him in my time of pain. I would not be learning that there are parts of my life that are still broken from my past. Things that will forever be apart of me but will never have control over me!

Begin today to weed out the things God is calling you to be delivered from. Let go of the pains from the past. Begin to heal the heart that has been broken. Move forward in the knowledge that God is bigger and greater than any of those things. He can heal the places that have been severely cracked for so long.

I pray for healing and restoration in all our lives. I pray for lives to be transformed by God’s hand. I pray for us all to realize who we are, who He created us to be. To realize it and stand firm on that!! To trust in all His ways! To walk with our heads held high because we know who’s child we are! Lean on Him when your weary and tired and just don’t think you can go on.

Today, I choose life! I choose to be happy and to live a life that is good! To trust that I’m here for a great purpose! To love people and to be kind. To stop believing the enemy. I love the woman I’m becoming and I will stand tall and trust in my God for my future! Never to fear but to always have faith! Never to doubt but to always believe in Him! To be secure and strong!

Thank you Jesus for always being my rock! For placing my feet on solid ground. And for standing beside me when there were times that ground shook. I love you! I’m grateful for this life! I’m grateful that you loved me when I didn’t love myself! ❤