Dignity and Strength

This verse……I’m not really sure how many times I’ve seen or read this verse in my lifetime. But, lately it has totally resonated deep into my soul. I want women everywhere, young and old, to understand that “WE”, meaning every woman, is clothed in strength and dignity. This is something special that God gave to us. He has given us strength and dignity and no matter what you may be facing today, tomorrow or any day, stand tall and repeat this to yourself over and over if you have too and stand firm on it. Believe in yourself and believe in who God created you to be. He never made anything unworthy. He is a good daddy and He delights in us! If I could honestly express into words the reshaping He is performing in my life, you probably wouldn’t be able to understand, maybe you could bc you’ve been there but I’m so overwhelmed at His love and His mercy everyday! The woman I’m finally beginning to become is honestly who I’ve wanted to be my entire life, but perhaps wasn’t ready to be just yet. We know He sets a time and season for every part of our lives and maybe now is my time!!! I pray every woman that reads this believes who God created her to be and believes she is super special to Him!!! 👆❤👆