Be Thankful for the Past

“Take advantage of every review of the past to remind yourself of the unbounded, limitless, and life-saving effects of the blood of Christ that was shed on Calvary for you.  It would be a colossal waste to spend this opportunity on regret and self-denigration.  This is a time when you can draw near to Me in genuine worship from the depth of your heart, says the Lord. Be thankful.”

2 Corinthians 4:15 “For all things are for your sakes, that grace, having spread through the many, may cause thanksgiving to abound to the glory of God”


I’ll say it a thousand times, I’m thankful for my past. The trials, the pains, the life changing events, they have all shaped who I am now.

It is only by His blood that was shed for me and His tender love and grace, that I’m still walking this earth. He has shown me so much grace, that I never deserved. He says I deserve it because I’m His and that is a beautiful truth I keep tucked in my heart. Even on days when I’m just not feeling very loveable, that’s when He hugs me even tighter.

I’m so grateful for this life. For the people who have come into it and stayed and for those who have left. If life has taught me anything, it’s taught me to be kind, humble, loving and giving. It’s taught me it can be very cruel and very tough. But my God has taught me that no matter the roads I travel or no matter the events life seems to throw at me, I have to always put my hope and faith in Him. He will always lead me in the right direction.

Sometimes the road has twists and turns and hills but never stop believing that He can make your path straight again.

Thank you Lord for always shining the light on an otherwise dark tunnel, when I need you. You always show me mercy and grace and for that I’m eternally grateful. ❤


I Come Again

“Holy daughter, stand and claim your place, the one I’ve saved just for you. You are the rescued one, the redeemed and beautiful one.

Oh, how I delight in you.

How I love to look on you and hold you. How I love to show you where I am and rescue you again. I have rescued you already, but I love to show you how I rescue you again.

I come again and again, for you. I can’t get enough of you.

I have so much love for you it cannot be contained. I am unabashed in my joy and love for you. I hold nothing back. How can I hold anything back? It is not who I am. I cannot change who I am.

And, my daughter, how you delight Me. How I love to be with you; I sing songs of joy over you. I created the music of your heart—and to that, together, we dance. Let Me show you more of Me.

Let Me take you further in. There is so much more to show you.

There is so much more—the two of us together, to see.”

“He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me” (Psalm 18:19).

(Loop Devotional for Women)


Beautiful words from our God that He whispers to our hearts everyday! ❤

He delights to spend time with us everyday! Delight in spending time with Him! ❤


His True Beauty

Remember that YOUR beauty is crafted by His hands. The inside and the outside. Never feel like you have to compare yourself to anyone else. He created you to be exactly the way you are.

If there are things you want to change, then do so because it’s what you want, not what someone else is asking from you. Find who you are and shine! Let His light shine through you. Use the beautiful gifts He blessed you with to love others, to help others, to minister to others and to pray for others. Always be good to yourself!

Never settle for less than what you deserve. It took me many years to realize my true worth. To believe I’m Enough and to never let anyone tell me any different or treat me any different. It will change the kind of life you want for yourself.

He loves us unconditionally and with an ever lasting love. You are so very important to Him. Treat yourself good and always be kind to yourself. ❤


Walking With Him

“For those who face obstacles or fierce opposition in your efforts to accomplish your objectives, do not be intimidated or afraid.  Rise up in the face of adversity with faith in My ability to direct and protect you.  Practice walking and living in the Spirit.  Your most important goal is a vital relationship with Me, says the Lord.  With Me nothing is impossible.”

Luke 18:27 But He said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”


I love this! “Practice walking and living in the Spirit”. This is something that is learned. Maybe there are some out there that it just comes natural but for me, I had to learn how to sit still and listen to Him.

And yes, it is vital for us to walk in a relationship with God. I had a conversation with a customer yesterday, older lady, and she was very wise. She spoke about her husband’s death and how if it wasn’t for God carrying her through that tough time she’s not sure where she’d be. Especially after being married for over 60 years to the same man. Wow, it made me really stop and think about people who aren’t connected to Him. I’m not sure how they do it.

I know for me, it’s become apart of me, like another limb of my body. I can’t go one day without just thanking Him for the blessings, the pains and trials, because without those I wouldn’t be who I am now. It’s important to me to stay connected to Him. Of course, there are days that I feel like everything is going wrong and that I struggle, we all have those days, but I try to just press into Him and remember that without Him, I’m nothing!

Thank you Jesus for the days you stand in for me, when I can’t do this life alone. You are the reason I exist. Thank you for this beautiful life!!! ❤☝️


Found Myself

As most of you know back in September I got into a relationship with a person that I can only describe as a narcissist. Started off very loving, sweet, wrapped in all the wonderful things I was looking for. Then started noticing red flags, things he was not honest about, blaming my insecurities on our issues and so on.

Of course, I had insecurities, because He brought those out in me. After 4 months we broke up. Honestly, I can say that was the best and worst relationship I was apart of in a long time. It taught me that leaning on any person besides God for happiness or security is a HUGE mistake. Also, I was not really in a good place myself, spiritually, that I needed to be in. It took about 5 minutes after that relationship to end that I realized I dodged a big bullet.

I began to heal, to turn my focus towards ME and what I needed to do to get to a better place. I began to really lean in hard with my relationship with God. To get into the word, to pray without ceasing, to listen and not speak. To realize for once in my life, my worth and value was from Him and not man.

He has taught me so much about who I am. Who He says I am. He gave me this tool to write and to express my feelings. He stood with me every second and wiped many tears from my face. I’m so thankful for what that horrible relationship taught me. I’m so grateful He ended it because He knew that was not the man I was supposed to be with.

I implore you to listen to Him. To seek Him with all your heart when you start to feel like someone is undervalueing you. To ask Him what to do. I promise you He will lead you to the place that you need to be.

Three months later and much prayer, I met the most amazing man. He is truly a gift from God. He’s honest, He treats me like a queen, He values who I am, He has every quality I was praying for in a man. I’m so blessed to have finally met a real man who is who He says he is and more. He’s a Christian and he looks at me with the most loving eyes, makes my heart melt.

So, I am here to tell you, that there are good men out there ladies. There are men out there who see the beauty in who you are and will do everything in their power to show you how special you are. I learned not to settle. It was a learning process because being alone can sometimes be very hard. Especially for someone like me, who believes in love. During this time before I met “J”, God also was teaching me how to truly be the woman/wife He made me to be. I pray one day I’ll get to be a better wife than I was my first go round. I’m learning and listening to the things God is showing and teaching me.

If you lay it all down, give Him the full authority over your life, trust Him and have the faith He asks us to have, you’ll be amazed at how much your life will change. I was on the cusp of being ready to change so much and He just gave me a little nudge to put my all into Him. That He would show me how amazing my life would be, if I just chose to surrender it to Him.

Thank you Father for healing my heart. For showing me how big of a God you are. For taking every tear I’ve cried in your beautiful scarred hands and for never leaving or forsaking me. You are a Good Father! ❤


A New Woman

Oh how beautiful it is to know I’m no longer bound by my past. No longer bound up from the past mistakes of my life. That’s such a glorious thought!

I lived so much of my life never feeling good enough or worthy enough of a good life. Mostly because I’ve made so many mistakes in my past.

But, I am so thankful that God gave me the courage to step out on faith and believe what He’s known my whole life, that I’m His and He doesn’t create unworthy people. He created us with a given purpose. We have a future in Him. We have life in Him. We are free to never let the past define us or our future. Live free. Live a life where your not bound up by the restraints of who you used to be. Only God can break those chains and set you free. I’m grateful my chains are broken and my life has meaning and value. Thank you Father for breaking me free!!! ❤


He Chose You

Make plans to meet with Him daily. He’ll show you His plans for you. He chose you for a specific life. His plans for your life are Good! It may be tough at times and life has a way of making you stop dead in your tracks, but trust His plans are always to prosper you. To breathe life into you!

Thank you Jesus for this beautiful world you’ve given us. For always holding me up when I feel like giving up. You have always been there for me to lean on. Thank you! ❤